New Understandings of the Three Refuges

My lineage’s traditional recitation of the three refuges is

I take refuge in the Buddha (the awakened person)

I take refuge in the Dharma (the teaching)

I take refuge in the Sangha (the community)

I ran across this translation of the three refuges by Lama Surya Das which added another layer on the understanding of this essential teaching in which he uses the three Buddha bodies:

I take refuge in:

The empty and open essence (Dharmakaya)

The radiantly lucid nature (Sambhogakaya)

The manifesting compassionate responsiveness (Nirmanakaya)

This translation really stimulated me into refining my understanding of the Three Refuges as this:

I take refuge in the spacious, open, unconstructed reality.

I take refuge in the constantly creative energies of life.

I take refuge in compassionately responsive relationships.

Ahhhh, opening, breathing,  I like that, a new expansive interpretation for me.