Now, Now, Now

Bring your whole, unified body and mind to this moment, fully knowing that this moment is impermanent. This moment arises and disappears in 1/62nd of a finger snap. That happens so … Continue reading Now, Now, Now

Beginning anew

Throughout all religions, there is an emphasis on repentance. It is the ability: To humbly acknowledge a mistake or transgression, To feel the appropriate amount of regret, not too much … Continue reading Beginning anew

Worry and Fear

Worry and fear can alter our perceptions until we lose all sense of reality, twisting neutral situations into nightmares. Because most worry focuses on the future, if we can learn … Continue reading Worry and Fear


As we practice, we begin to change our basis of operation in our minds. We practice interrupting our self-centered desire system that produces our decisions and actions and open up … Continue reading Mind-ground