Doing Zazen for all beings

This was written for the 6th week of fall practice period at Clouds in Water Zen Center.

We do zazen for all beings.

Lately with my son, I’ve been watching what I call “doomsday movies” or movies in which the future looks pretty grim. This past Monday, I wrote out the lineage papers for Gentle Dragon’s ordination. They are done in a very prescribed way that I learned from my teacher. They have been done in this certain way for hundreds of years. As I stamped the three treasures stamp over Buddha’s name and Gentle Dragon’s name, I had this poignant feeling that we are doing our practice for ourselves, but also for the future generations. May the future generations have silence, boundlessness, and deep meaning in their life so that the future people will have a basis for their activities directed in a wholesome way.

When we actually stop our world and our busyness to sit down in zazen, we enter into a boundless, timeless space that affects all times and all places. We do zazen with all beings and our effort is a contribution of this human activity of stillness which will strengthen the transmission of the teaching and help it continue into the future.

Many of us in practice period are going into sesshin this weekend. I look forward to letting go of my achievement drive and just sitting with all beings, past, present and future. 

Please sit for all beings; past, present, and future.