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Clapping and Laughing #9 of 21

From Dogen’s “Going beyond Buddha”: “As for the expression “the matter of going beyond Buddha” of which I am speaking now, the great master Dongshan was the original ancestor who coined that phrase.  Other Buddha-ancestors have been studying the expression of this great matter and have attained the matter of going beyond buddha through the … Continue reading Clapping and Laughing #9 of 21

52 stages to Buddhahood #5 of 21

In the classical Buddhist teaching, there are 52 stages in the development of a Buddha or a Bodhisattva. That’s a lot of stages! Dogen in his subtle analysis however isn’t that interested in stages! He does not believe in what he sometimes calls “stepladder Zen”. This is because of his understanding of time and his … Continue reading 52 stages to Buddhahood #5 of 21