Radical Rest

One misunderstanding I have followed in my Buddhist life is to take the instruction “exchanging yourself for another” as a prescription for not attending to myself and my own needs.  To that end, I took “giving” and “giving service” to an extreme that left me burnt out.  In the Zen world that I am familiar … Continue reading Radical Rest

Practicing with Terrorism

Am I terrorized?  That’s what the extremists want.  They want the “other”, the West, to be paralyzed by fear.  My husband told me a quote from the paper that the extremists said, paraphrased something like this:  “The West is afraid of death.  We are going to win because we are not afraid of death.”  This … Continue reading Practicing with Terrorism

Dana or Generosity or Giving

It is interesting what comes first. The first practice is dana, giving, or generosity in the fundamental structure of Buddhist spiritual life as represented by the Paramitas. (The Great Perfections). How many years can we spend learning to have a generous attitude in life? All of our years! Generosity and Giving are the opposite of … Continue reading Dana or Generosity or Giving