Touching the earth

For the past few weeks, I have been working with Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Touching the earth”. This new practice has brought me refreshment and a greater level of peace in my day. I am using the bowing and the readings, when I am at home, instead of a morning service. That, in itself, is … Continue reading Touching the earth

Work as prayer

In Buddhism, we might say “daily work is an expression of the suchness of each moment,” This daily work is our expression that “each moment is complete,” or as Katagiri Roshi wrote, “Each moment is the universe.” How do we demonstrate that, amongst the tedium of our daily chores or the boredom of repetitive work … Continue reading Work as prayer

Grace in Buddhism

I often search for a long time to find how certain Judeo-Christian terms translate to Buddhism. When I find a pathway of translation, I’m quite excited. I have long looked for the translation of “grace” into Buddhism. This week I heard, while listening to a Norman Fischer talk on “Transformation at the base,” what occurred … Continue reading Grace in Buddhism