Practicing with Confusion

Ken McLeod has always been one of my inspiring teachers. He has a great e-newsletter and website. Check him out at In his February newsletter he wrote about a practice tip: Find peace and clarity in the confusion, not by getting rid of it. He takes us through a process of taking a tradition … Continue reading Practicing with Confusion

Beyond Personal Identity #3

Continuing my series on gate, gate, paragate mantra.  If you are new to this series, look at the two previous blogs for the overall translation into English of this mantra. Beyond personal identity means that we stop living our life and our motivations through the screen of our personal desire system.  This is corresponding to … Continue reading Beyond Personal Identity #3

Express yourself fully

I have been reading “Not Always So” by Suzuki Roshi and found some interesting words on Time. They go along with what I have been working with for the past years but with a slightly different slant. From Suzuki Roshi, page 8, “When you live completely in each moment, without expecting anything, you have no … Continue reading Express yourself fully

Watering the good seeds

Spiritual practice is a little easier when things are going well, right? It’s easier to be loving, centered and peaceful when the world is favorable. But when the world is on the wrong side of the 8 worldly winds: Pleasure and pain Gain and loss Success and failure Praise and blame When we are on … Continue reading Watering the good seeds

No resistance

No Resistance: A continuing commentary on Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach Our suffering points to resisting what actually is happening in this moment. Our resistance is the great saying “no” to our life – the life of the moment and the life of our karmic story. These two polarities of life, the mentally constructed story of … Continue reading No resistance

Compassionate Presence

Every now and then, I have to let go of my ideas of “Zen” or enlightenment. Over the years, I build up a construction of what I think enlightenment is or what I think practice is and then I bump into something else which breaks that idea open. I don’t particularly like these transitions in … Continue reading Compassionate Presence

Waking up from our trance

We make experience belong to a “self.” When this becomes the core of our experience, we lose sight of the wholeness of life. All suffering or dissatisfaction arises from a mistaken understanding that we are a separate and distinct self. This self imprisons us in our desires and fears. This self often judges itself poorly … Continue reading Waking up from our trance