Radical Rest

One misunderstanding I have followed in my Buddhist life is to take the instruction “exchanging yourself for another” as a prescription for not attending to myself and my own needs.  To that end, I took “giving” and “giving service” to an extreme that left me burnt out.  In the Zen world that I am familiar … Continue reading Radical Rest

The Paramita of Enthusiasm

In early May, Tenshin Reb Anderson Roshi came to Clouds in Water for a sesshin. On the 3rd night, he gave a spontaneous talk on enthusiasm during the last sitting of the day. It was a great boost. I became enthusiastic about enthusiasm, one of the Paramitas or Perfections in Buddhism. Enthusiasm has been translated … Continue reading The Paramita of Enthusiasm

Right Effort and Letting Go

In practice, we are always dealing with the tone and depth of our awareness. First, of course, is the question: are we aware of what’s going on at all? In the beginning, this requires quite a bit of effort to bring the mind to the present. We need to have reminders everywhere and different types … Continue reading Right Effort and Letting Go

Non-doing as Serenity

The serenity of non-doing First, one needs to understand the duality of effort and no-effort, or doing and non-doing. We can see how our unique personality presents itself. Do we lean towards over-achieving or being couch potatoes? Then, in order to achieve balance in our storied life, we can direct ourselves to one side or … Continue reading Non-doing as Serenity