Book out Today!

Today, my book which I have worked on for over 5 years is out for publication and reading.  I feel very honored and happy that this is so.  And I feel extremely grateful.  I feel so thankful, bowed with forehead touching the ground, that, over the years, I built a vessel for healing which is described in the book.  I had the great good fortune of money, time and determination.  I had time and money to do Zen, psychotherapy, Non-violent Communication and 12 step Recovery.   I can use the word thankfulness, but I can also acknowledge that this was my privilege made possible by my position in our society. From my perspective, interestingly, the Recovery program of 12 steps which is free and the most accessible, also is the one organization least acknowledged or honored by society.  That being said, all these modalities made up a strong crucible for healing.

I am so grateful that there is growth, healing and the possibility of evolution in us humans.  To my utter amazement and awe, the writing of this book, provided another vehicle to let go of the past and with an open heart, enter into my life as it appears in this moment.  Hurray!

Of this I pray:

That my book helps someone.

That my exposure through the book and public speaking contributes to the making of 21st century Buddhism.

That I can share my experience standing in love and without anger or resentment.

That I can speak authentically from my own experience with deep appreciation for all that Buddhism has given me.

Of this I pray.