Express yourself fully

I have been reading “Not Always So” by Suzuki Roshi and found some interesting words on Time. They go along with what I have been working with for the past years but with a slightly different slant.

From Suzuki Roshi, page 8,

“When you live completely in each moment, without expecting anything, you have no idea of time. When you are involved in an idea of time – today, tomorrow, or next year – selfish practice begins. When you are faithful to the dharma position you are in or faithful to the work that you are doing right now, your true being is there. This is very important.

Without any idea of time, your practice goes on and on. Moment after moment you become you yourself…….The way to extend your practice is to expose yourself as you are, without trying to be someone else. When you are very honest with yourself and brave enough, you can express yourself fully.

Our way is not to criticize others but to know and appreciate them. If you continue practicing together, and your mind is big enough to expose yourself and to accept others, naturally you will become good friends.

We can extend this practice to city life and be good friends with one another. This is not difficult when you decide to be honest with yourself and express yourself fully, without expecting anything. Just being yourself and being ready to understand others is how to extend your practice into everyday life.”

I am moved by Suzuki Roshi’s emphasis on being completely yourself in the present moment. That means we welcome any and all conditions within and without. We accept what our karma is bringing up. Radical Acceptance. When we stop fighting or wishing to change things, we settle into the self. We can also feel our true being is right here!

Suzuki Roshi says that we have to be brave and honest with ourselves and to accept others.

That goes along with the precept: See the perfection. Do not speak of others’ errors or faults. I am teaching the precepts again now and still I think I’m such a long way from learning to live the kind of life which doesn’t speak of others’ errors or faults. I laugh, I would have to change entirely the way I speak. But I have taken this vow, and I will bring my awareness to it.

To be “settled into the self” is to live life in this radical acceptance- each moment is its own life and I can show up for it without evaluation or expectation. Without any idea of time, I can show up for the perfection of the moment and show up for my true self which includes everything.