Doshi’s Statement on Buddha’s Birthday

We, Minnesotans, turn our faces up to the sun
Our hearts warming up after 30 below
We feel the warm breeze blowing through our bodies
Without our coats on
The spring peeper frogs started this week
A symphonic cacophony
A congregation of Robins surprise us in one tree
Buddha’s birth is a surprise within us.
It is the surprise of the freshness of one moment
It is the surprise of a transformation in ourselves
Not done by our will alone
It is the surprise of unconditional love
It is the healing of our old wounds
The ability to let go
It is the sangha’s love entering our bodies
And allowing us to go beyond our stories.
We stand
Integrated in our spirituality
One finger pointed to the heavens
One finger pointed to the earth.
Ordinary and sacred expressed together
Seizing our one precious human birth
As buddha’s birth.
We see everything that arises
As Buddha itself
As the source itself
And that changes how we live
How we treat each other and how we treat objects.
This is the auspicious and great transformation
Of Buddha’s birth.
Having rejoiced together as a sangha
Letting the spring renew us,
arising with the cycles of our seasons,
We pray to continue our practice
To express our understanding and love
For the benefit of all beings
All beings and ourselves intimately entwined
And never separated.