me, my, mine

I have been working with a mindfulness slogan to remind me that the whole world doesn’t revolve around me and my life.  In fact, there is no centralized self!  “I” am just a dynamic function of the 5 skandhas (form, feeling, perception, formation and consciousness) that isn’t owned by “me”.  So, I work with this phrase, “me, my, mine” to remind me to let go of this idea that everything revolves around a solid sense of self.

I have also been wanting to laugh more.  So now, I have memorized and sing a few lines of the chorus in Toby Keith’s song, “I wanna talk about me”.  and just laugh.

You can hear the song on youtube for free.  I don’t really like the video, so my suggestion is to just listen to the lyrics of the song, and laugh.

Toby Keith, “I wanna talk about me”