To Do

As I have been talking about non-doing (the non-doing beyond non-doing), my dharma brother, Ken Ford, came up to me and said he found this passage in Shobogenzo that was talking about “doing” but sounded very similar to how I was talking about non-doing. And so, the paradox comes around. If we are non-doing, then … Continue reading To Do

Non-doing as deep silence.

Humility is a perpetual quietness of Heart. It is to have no trouble. It is never to be fretted or vexed, irritable or sore To wonder at nothing that is done to me To feel nothing done against me. It is to be at rest when nobody praises me Or when I’m blamed or despised; … Continue reading Non-doing as deep silence.

Non-doing as Serenity

The serenity of non-doing First, one needs to understand the duality of effort and no-effort, or doing and non-doing. We can see how our unique personality presents itself. Do we lean towards over-achieving or being couch potatoes? Then, in order to achieve balance in our storied life, we can direct ourselves to one side or … Continue reading Non-doing as Serenity

Open, soften, listen

From Norm Fischer: Manas (the 7th consciousness, the ego-centered consciousness) is very convincing. We don’t believe it would be enough to    Open, soften, listen We think we need    to do, to grasp, to change Manas says: “I’m going to get this done.” The path of healing is to open to experience And to … Continue reading Open, soften, listen