Miazong’s Dharma Interview

Miazong’s Dharma Interview, 12 century From “The Hidden Lamp” Before Miaozong became a nun, she used to visit Master Dahui Zonggao’s monastery to study with him, and he gave her a room in the abbot’s quarters. The senior monk, Wanan, did not approve. Dahui said to him, “Although she’s a woman, she has outstanding merits.” … Continue reading Miazong’s Dharma Interview

Do not misuse Sexuality

This is one of Buddhism grave precepts. It’s really quite an important one because of the enormous power and drive of our sexual urges. This power is what makes sex fantastic and also what can make it hurtful or damaging. It’s powerful. If there is a misuse of this power, we can hurt ourselves and … Continue reading Do not misuse Sexuality

Stay, Stay, Stay

Monthly Mindfulness August 2011 Cultivating a mind that sees clearly, I take up the way of not being deluded and not giving or taking intoxicants. In support of Clouds in Water’s Jukai (Buddhist Initiation Ceremony) which we will celebrate Oct 1st, the recent monthly mindfulness teachings have been investigating the precepts as practice. This month, … Continue reading Stay, Stay, Stay